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An example of success using a stainless steel magnet drive pump for transferring a slurry in a petrochemical plant

Petrochemical plantNo need to control flushing waterNo need utilitiesSlurry


Introduced products MDS
Stainless steel magnet drive pump that can transfer a high density slurry liquid
Reaction liquid transfer pump (salt slurry of 10wt% to 15wt% is generated after the reaction)

Comparison between before and after installing a magnet drive pump

A double mechanical seal was used in the existing slurry pump. However, liquid leaks from the shaft seal occurred frequently. Then we decided to use three MDS stainless magnet pumps that can transfer a high density slurry.

Before installation
Before installation
After installation
After installation
Liquid leaked regularly from the pump shaft seal. The operation was halted requiring lots of expensive maintenance work to replace mechanical seals and sleeves, and maintaining the shaft coupling centerings. Stainless steel magnet drive pumps MDS were installed to solve the leakage problem. Periodical maintenance is almost not required and the contribution to the reduction of maintenance cost is significant.
Since the conventional pumps used a double mechanical seal, they needed utility facilities requiring a controlled flushing water supply to maintain the seal. Since these pumps do not have shaft seals, they do not need seal flushing water for their operation. Thus the utility facility for seal flushing is no longer needed. Also, the area surrounding the pumps could be simplified and kept clean, as shown in the photo.
There was a few cases that an operator failed to confirm the check items for operation and caused damage of the mechanical seal. Since there is no need to control the flusing water, the number of items that had to be checked by the operators decreased. Now, they only need to check opening and closing of the suction and discharge valves. It reduces maintenance work and made a safer operation by decreasing human errors.
The leaks from the shaft seals also badly affected the surrounding environment, and increased the hazards. Then we started seriously looking for a solution to this problem. The complete, leak-free stainless steel magnet drive pump does not leak any liquid, at all, keeps the surroundings clean, and makes the field safer.

Voice from a user after the improvement [User at the Kashima Industrial complex]

We were relieved from the leaking liquid problem around the pump shaft seal that had bothered us for a long time. We are very grateful for the magnet pump solution. When I heard that a magnet pump that could feed slurry was completed, I could not believe it. The salesman proposed that "I try using their pump for an evaluation." Then we started testing the magnet pump.

As a result, the leak problem was solved and there are no other operating problems. The magnet pump has a good reputation in the manufacturing section and among the operators.

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