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Successful cost reduction by using a seal-less pump to feed caustic soda

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Pump installed MET
META series. ISO2858 compliant magnet drive pump

META series [Stainless steel magnet pump]

Our pump is compatible with the ISO2858 (JIS B 8313,16bar) standard seal pumps, so you can make your line sealless without needing any piping or base engineering work.
Examples of using a seal-less pump for transferring caustic soda that decreased maintenance work and solved an environmental problem.

META series [Stainless steel magnet pump]

META series [Stainless steel magnet pump]

This MET model pump is compatible with our IC model and pumps (conforms to ISO2858 (JIS B 8313,16bar) made by other manufacturers. The pumps can be converted to magnet pumps by replacing the rotors on site.
The cost of the magnet pump itself is also 30% less. (Compared with our conventional models)

Comparison between a magnet drive pump and seal pump (* Actual case: Caustic soda)

  • Pump specification: 50m3/hx30m
  • Liquid: Caustic soda (20%)
  • Liquid specifications: Temperature; 20℃, Specific gravity; 1.22, Viscosity; 4..45mPa・s
  Seal pump Magnet pump
(Sanwa Hydrotech) Model nameIC80x50-160 MET80x50-160U
Shaft seal Mechanical seal Seal-less
Efficiency 62% 58%
BHP (Shaft power) 8.0kW 8.6kW
Motor specifications 11kWx2Px50Hz 11kWx2Px50Hz
Pump material (liquid contacting parts)SCS14/SUS316 SCS14/SUS316
Flushing water (cooling water) 1,800ton/year(=> Approximately 60,000 yen) No need
Mechanical seal parts cost / year (=> Approximately 80,000 yen) No need
Check (maintenance) fee and others Approximately 150,000 yen per year Approximately 10,000 yen per year
Power cost (electricity) Approximately 256,000 yen per year
(In case of 8.0 kW)
Approximately 275,000 yen per year
(In case of 8.6kW pump)
Total running cost 546,000 yen / year 285,000 yen / year
Saving approximately 261,000 yen per year
MET (Rotating section only) Initial cost Approx. 400,000 yen

Cost payback period (* Comparison between a seal pump and magnet pump)

(The prices below are approximation.)

Cost payback period (* Comparison between a seal pump and magnet pump)

The cost will decrease after approximately 1.5 years, since the conventional pumps were converted to magnet pumps.
In addition, using the magnet pump longer will further increase saving.

Seal pump

Converted to seal-less
Magnet pump

Vocie from customer: "Initial and maintenance cost are decreased."

"Caustic soda crystallizes when it leaks. On a mechanical seal pump, the sliding surface and secondary seals are covered by the solid and this may damage the mechanical seal and cause a malfunction. This can cause another leaks. As a result, the bracket and base corrode, we paid for lots of maintenance hours and maintenance cost.
After we started using a magnet drive pump, the liquid leak were completely eliminated and our maintenance cost decreased greatly. Also, the magnet pump contributed a lot to the environment and working conditions. In the future, we are planning to replace our conventional pumps with magnet pumps.

<From a maintenance department staff of a chemical company>

Developer's voice

At present, mechanical seals and glound packing are used for pumps for caustic soda.
When caustic soda leaks, it crystallizes and shortens service live of the mechanical seal.
Therefore, users who have pumps with mechanical seals need to replace them once or twice a year, and their maintenance tend to be expensive.
There are lots of users using ground picking who are worried about the environmental problems, such as daily leaks and stain on bases.

In order to solve all of the problems, including a large number of maintenance hours, plus other maintenance and repair costs, and resolve the environmental problems, we recommend our seal-less type magnet drive pumps

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