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Use example of magnet pump that is integrated into a thermal shock test system for "automobile parts"

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Pump installed ML
Temperature of liquid Low (-40℃) to high temperature (+130℃)
Application Magnet drive pump for environment test system

Sanwa stainless steel magnet pump allows us to transfer various temperature liquid using a single pump (one model). Previously, a number of conventional seal pumps, that have mechanical seals, were used for transferring liquid that may experience a wide range of temperature changes.

In developing automobile parts, endurance tests are made at various temperatures (heat cycle). In particular, a pump used for the heat shock test system, that reproduces difficult environments is required to endure the same hard environments.

The MAGPAC series pumps offer excellent durability in extreme temperatures, and an SiC-D bearing is employed as standard because it is a wet bearing that promises long pump service life. Therefore, the MAGPAC series pumps contribute greatly to simplify the system and reducing costs.

* SiC-D: Ceramic bearing whose surface is processed to prevent the bearing from breaking in liquid due to operation start up problems (running dry, cavitation) and thermal shock.
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Examples of using pump Details

Pump usage Brine pump
Liquid Ethylene glycol solution diluted with water to 60%
Liquid temperature -40℃ to +130℃
* Maximum specific gravity of liquid: Can feed up to 2.0 * Maximum liquid viscosity: Can feed up to 300mPa-s
Pump mode ML541
Material used for parts in contact with the liquid SCS14 (SUS316)
Pump specifications 300l/minx15mx3.7kWx2920rpm

Examples of using pump Details

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