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SIP (Sterilizing In Place)
Magnet pump used for circulating hot water

Food processingDairy industryBeerBeverageResist to high pressureCooling water is not necessary up to 280˚C


Introduced products MP
Temperature of liquid high temperature water (100 to 150℃)
Application Magnet drive pump SIP

Fresh milk from a farm becomes processed milk after several processes including sterilization. During the high-temperature sterilization process using a heat exchanger, the temperature of hot water reaches up to 150℃ with the pressure of 0.4 MPaG.
Sanwa's stainless steel magnet drive pumps (MAGPAC series) for this system offer various advantage compared with seal pumps for its feature leak-free, high temperautre resistant and high pressure resistant.

Advantages of Sanwa stainless steel magnet drive pumps in the sterilization process.

  SANWA stainless steel
Magnet drive pump
  Seal pump
Safety No shaft seal
Completely leak-fee
Leak Mechanical seal/
Gland packing
Cannot prevent leakage perfectly
Energy saving MAGPAC series
Up to 280˚C without cooling water
Utility Cooling water is required on shat seal for high temperature (100˚C and over)
Total cost reduction Periodic checks and repair are not needed for extended period of time.
(No consumables parts, Spare parts are not necessary)
Maintenance Periodic checks and repairs are needed. Consumable spare parts are needed such as gasket and mechanical seal
Eliminates burden on the field staff
Downtime Specialized engineers are necessary Periodic maintenance is required.
Burden on field staff is heavy

Flow diagram

Flow diagram

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