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Circulating LLC liquid on an Automobile part development and test system

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Introduced products MPCP
Temperature of liquid Normal to high temperature (+120℃)
Application Magnet pump for test equipment of developing product"

The customer requested the performance identical to the water pump that is installed in an automobile. The testing can be carried out by installing the actual engine to the equipment, however, considering the need of temperature control, the use of a heater may give more precise results.
An MPCP stainless magnet pump was used, to take a role of a water pump. The water tank rotates synchronizing the engine.
Stepping on the accelerator pedal cause the pump to increase its speed immediately, to 7000 rpm. Releasing the accelerator pedal drops the pump speed to 1000 rpm.
The combination of a SANWA stainless magnet pump and an inverter successfully reproduced the flow rate required.

Applications (application flow diagram)

Applications (application flow diagram)

An example of the pump flow rate range and required response time

Variable flow rate Variable rotation speed and frequency Required response speed Operation results
0.23mx12L/min→5m X78L/min 407rpm→1342rpm
Within 4 seconds Good
5mx78L/min→0.88m X33.8L/min 1342rpm→712rpm
Within 2 seconds Good

Application details

Application LLC circulation pump
Liquid LLC
Liquid temperature Normal temperature to 120℃
Pump model MPCP502
Material of wet parts SCS14/SUS316
Pump specification Maximum 200L/minx38m (Variable using an inverter)

Comment from the user

Automobile manufacturers' requirements are more and more difficult each year. We, parts manufacturers, must develop products that meet with those requirements.
Test systems are indispensable in making these new developments. As the customers' requirement become more demanding, the test systems must be ones having the highest qualities.
This time, a SANWA stainless steel magnet drive pump was adopted for the following reasons:
No leak of LLC becuase the test is carried out indoor.
The liquid temperature is as hot as 120℃.
Space saving for in-line pump
Flow rate can be controlled using an inverter.

In addition, when we control the rotation speed by using an invertor, Sanwa helped us get some case studies.
We believe that the Sanwa stainless steel magnet drove pump is the ideal for our future systems,

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