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Example of using a magnet drive pump to transfer detergent for CIP

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Introduced products MP
Liquid Alkali liquid (caustic soda) up to 48%
Acid liquid (nitric acid) up to 60%
Application Magnet pump to transfer detergent for CIP

In food manufacturing processes, every part of the facility need to be washed, including pump and piping, as well as the manufacturing facilities. CIP (Cleaning In Place) does not require disassembly and manually washing the equipment as was done before. The pump transfers detergent, while removing the dirt in the equipment by the pump pressure.
Sanwa magnet pumps are used in a CIP process. The detergents that are used are hazardous liquids such as alkalies caustic soda and nitric acid.
The various advantages of the Sanwa magnet pumps shown below were evaluated and our pumps are used because they do not leak hazardous liquids and ensure corrosion resistant against these liquids.

Advantages of a Sanwa magnet pump for CIP

100% leak free
Pipe and pump flanges are of the same material (SCS14/SUS316)
Material of wet parts :
SCS14 (SUS316)
Capable of handling acids and alkalis
Temperature resistant up to 150˚C, as standard
Maintenance free
No consumable parts
No consumable parts. SiC wet bearings are used.

Flow diagram

Flow diagram

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