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Reduced maintenance cost using a magnet drive pump to transfer molten sulfur
Example of reduced maintenance costs

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Product used MXPC-2J
Magnet pump with full jacket

Use of mechanical seal pump and magnet drive pump used to transfer molten sulfur

Mechanical seal pump and magnet drive pump used to transfer molten sulfur

The leak-free magnet pump, with no seal, is used to transfer various liquids and enjoys a good reputations.
We will introduce the case to handle molten sulfur that is especially difficult to handle, and provide large advantages.

Molten sulfur
Molten sulfur can be transferred at about 140˚C with a range of plus or minus 20 to 30˚C. When the liquid temperature drops, the liquid becomes sold.
When the temperature of the liquid increases, it becomes more viscous. If an inadequate pump is selected carelessly, leaking liquid from a seal will cause a foul odor and may sometimes cause spontaneous combustion.

Mechanical seal pump
Magnet pumps
A steam quench is needed to forcibly discharge leaking liquid from a seal. Flushing water and steam quench are not required.
As the flushing liquid cannot be cooled, expensive mechanical seas are required, such as a metal bellows mechanical seal, that can withstand the heat. No consumable seals are needed.
A build up of solids, foreign objects in the liquid, and cavitation may directly cause a leak of liquid from the mechanical seal. The metal rear casing is a safe pressure sealed vessel. It will not leak liquid outside even in the operation described on the left.
Improper installation of a mechanical seal may cause a leak and affect the service life. Therefore, a trained engineers are required to replace mechanical seals. Replacing parts is simple and does not require special tools. Therefore, there is no need for a specialist to perform maintenance.

"As said above, the absolute lack of leaks from the seal (because there is no seal) is the best advantage of the magnet pump compared with any mechanical seal pump.
Recently, we have delivered lots of pumps for this purpose. We delivery a reliable product backed by long term know-how."

Customer's voice: "Reduced maintenance cost."

Customer's voice: Reduced maintenance cost.

"The mechanical seal pump could not be made to stop leaking. The leaks from steam quenching reduced the service life of the bearings. The problems caused by this occurred 2 to 4 times each year for each pump.
We have been paying for lots of maintenance hours and maintenance and repair fees. After switching to a magnet drive pump with a seal-less design, the leak problem was completely eliminated and contributed to a drastic decrease in costs.
Also, now we can work safety at the site since there are no more hazardous leaks of moloten sulfur. This means that the environment is also improved.
In the future, we are planning to replace the conventional pumps with magnet pumps.

<From a maintenance department staff>

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