Sanwa Hydrotech Corporation develops, manufactures and sells process pumps including metallic seal-less magnet drive pumps, multi functional pumps for slurry application.

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1934"Sanwa Gokin Seisakusho Co., Ltd." was established.
1937Succeeded in producing a domestic centrifugal pump for chemical industry, using high class cast stainless steel.
1941Changed the company name to "Sanwa Tokushu Seiko Co., Ltd." (Product name: Santoku Pump).
1956Imported the shell mold method for precision casting from Germany.
1958Manufactured the first centrifugal titanium pump in Japan under joint development with Kobe Steel (Kobelco).
1960Imported Rokide Ceramic Coating technology from Norton, USA.
Started to apply a surface hardening process on the sealing surfaces of mechanical seals and pump shafts.
1961Separated the coating division and established Nihon Coating Industry Co., Ltd. for this business.
1972Separated the mechanical seal department and established "Sanwa Koki Co., Ltd." for this business.
1973Established "Santoku Shoji Co., Ltd." as the sales company for its products.
1974Constructed a plant at the Osadano Industrial site, Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto.
1976Obtained approval as a "High pressure gas facility test manufacturing site" for centrifugal pumps and acid proof valves.
1977Succeeded in manufacturing valves and pumps made of Monel and zirconium.
1980Delivered 77 sets of large pumps for the sea water distilling plant in Saudi Arabia (Yanbu)
1983Developed the completely leak-fee stainless steel magnet drive pump, and started delivery.
1985Started to sell magnetic drive pumps to the USA market through the sole distributor MAGNATEX PUMPS lNC..
1989Obtained UL (USA), CSA (Canada), TUV (Germany) approvals for the MMA pump.
1991Changed the company name to "Sanwa Hydrotech Corporation" (Sanwa Pump).
1992Our magnet pumps were employed for use in a super-computer, and we delivered 6,500 units.
Our MMA model pump was awarded the promotion prize by the Resona Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion.

Started to sell MAGPAC® high performance compact magnet drive pump series
1998Obtained "ISO9001" quality management system certification
1999Obtained the sales rights for Kira pumps from the Kira Corporation.
Started to sell general-purpose cascade pumps.
2000Started to sell MWK cascade magnet pump for semi-conductor manufacturing devices.
2001Started to sell 3 models (MPCP, MPO, MPJ) of compact magnet pumps.
2002Started to sell the META large, general-purpose magnet pump series that conforms to ISO2858
2003Developed and started to sell the MPM2 large magnet pump for LCD manufacturing devices, which contributed to the manufacturing of LCD TVs.
2004Developed and delivered a magnet drive pump for dry re-process of nuclear metal fuel.
2005Started sale of "Stainless Mag Series", general-use compact magnet pump
2006Developed a magnet coupled drive system Sirocco fan.
2007Started to sell the MCK self-priming cascade magnet pump.
2008Started to sell the F series magnet pumps for low temperature liquid (-100˚C)
2009Started to sell open impeller chemical process magnetic drive pump. (Type MTFO)
2010Started to sell sanitary magnetic drive pump which has been co-developed with Osaka Sanitary Co., Ltd. (Type SMP)
2011Developed and started to sell magnetic drive pumps suitable for pumping high concentration slurry. (Type MDS)
Developed and started to sell compact general-purpose magnetic drive pumps Stainless Mag Series. (Type M)
2012Expanded the lineup of Stainless Mag Series by developing pumps to be mounted with motor from 90W to 400W. (Type M)
2013Developed and started to sell sanitary type magnetic drive pumps. (Type MS)
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