Sanwa Hydrotech Corporation develops, manufactures and sells process pumps including metallic seal-less magnet drive pumps, multi functional pumps for slurry application.

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SANWA High Pressure Magnetic Drive Pump Supplied to Wet Gas Testing Facility

High pressure magnetic drive pump supplied to wet gas testing facility has earned a good reputation from the user.
The pumping liquids have densities ranging from 1.03 g/ml (sea water and brine solutions) to 0.74 g/ml light hydrocarbons (kerosene, Exxsol D-80). The viscosities range from 0.5 CP to 150 CP. One of the biggest engineering challenges was moving the many and diverse liquids from pressurized holding tanks to the liquid injection site. The flow rates need to be controlled from 0.5 gpm to 42 gpm with operating temperatures varying from 50° F to 125° F. Many of the liquids are flammable and toxic.
The solution was to use three magnetic-drive, centrifugal pumps made by SANWA for the low-flow, high-suction pressure (1,000 psi) application.

Words from the user (CEESI)

“Get your vendors onsite and have face-to-face meetings early in the design process. CEESI worked hard designing the CL-WGTF (Wet Gas Testing Facility), but vendor input proved even more valuable early on in the design stage. CEESI had several onsite, face-to-face meetings with vendors that altered and improved the design of the CL-WGTF.”


Maximum pressure 1,050 psi
Operating temperature 60-125°F
Nat. Gas flow rates 10-60 feet/sec (4-inch sch 80 pipe)
0.8-4.8 actual cubic feet/sec
Hydrocarbon flow rates 10-100 lbs./min
Water/salt water/brine flow rates 10-120 lbs./min
MEG/methanol flow rates 4-40 lbs./min

Picture:High Pressure Magnetic Drive Pump made by SANWA HYDROTECH CORPORATION
MFG. No. :3HP0133~3HP0135 (Type MPL-SP, Design Pressure 9.93MPaG)

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