Sanwa Hydrotech Corporation develops, manufactures and sells process pumps including metallic seal-less magnet drive pumps, multi functional pumps for slurry application.

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Product information
Stainless Steel Magnet Drive Pump

Sanwa stainless steel magnet drive pump maintains the following features: "Absolutely no leak", "Highly durable", "Easy maintenance". Since the start of its development and production in 1983, Sanwa stainless steel magnet drive pump has become our core product undergoing a steady growth and expansion thanks to our customers' warm support. "No leak", as well as its "Safety", "Reliability" and "Long service life" being approved by the customers, Sanwa magnet drive pump plays an active role in a number of industrial fields (petrochemicals, fine chemicals, various equipment industry, etc.) at home and abroad.

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We manufacture high performance multi-purpose slurry pump to produce high added-value. Our high performance pump (Type IL, PS, SD-K) can be used to transport various types of slurry under harsh operating conditions to meet your needs.

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Centrifugal shaft seal pump (gland packing /mechanical seal) and big-size pump (mixed-flow pump / axial flow pump) are also available. Special material such as titanium, zirconium, nickel, Hastelloy equivalent alloys are used according to the property of the liquid.

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