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Product information

Pump for low temperature liquid (-100℃) "F series"

Pump for low temperature liquid (-100℃)

How the F series was born

Pump for low temperature liquid (-100℃)

Sanwa stainless steel magnet drive pumps are used in various fields and sites because they are leak-free, safe, reliable, and have a long service life. Another feature is that they can transfer low temperature liquids. Their no-leak and high reliability features are greatly praised and they are used as refrigerant feed pumps for machines and units working with inert fluorinated refrigerants. After this technology had been improved a number of times, the new model F series was born.

Product features

  • Special seal is used for leak-free measures at low temperature (-100℃)
  • A frame adapter for low temperatures (with dry air or a nitrogen purge port) is installed.
  • The layout is arranged specially for low temperature applications (motor with legs + thermal insulation sheets)
  • Use a newly developed magnet coupling (decreases heat transfer by 20% thanks to the compact coupling by 30%)

Example of applicable liquid

  • Fluorine inert refrigerant (NOVEC/HFE7200, Fluorinert, GALDEN)
  • Ethylene glycol, LLC, silicon oil
  • Other refrigerants


  • Chiller
  • Constant temperature unit (for the semiconductor, LCD, and chemical industries)
  • Various environmental test systems
  • Refrigerators and others

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