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Product information

Stainless steel magnet drive pump

New value-added - Hybrid - Magnet drive pump with jacketMHJ [For high temperature liquid]

New value-added   - Hybrid - Magnet drive pump with jacket [For high temperature liquid]
Operating temperature range:+150℃ to +280℃
  • Stainless steel magnet pump with a semi-jacket that offers good heat retention properties at low cost and simplicity.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance for SUS304 and SUS316.
  • Leaks-free for sealless magnet drive pump.
  • Recommended for handling high and low melting point liquids as well as high temperature liquids.
  • Super-lubricating and super-low wear SiC-D bearings support the magnet drive securely.
  • Maintenance free. No need for spare parts.
  • Easy to disassemble and reassemble.
  • Can transfer liquid below freezing.
  • Fin type frame adapter dissipates heat away from pump.
  • Rare earth SmCo magnets are used.
  • High temperature gasket material is used.


Product specification
Pump Type MPJ MHJ
Frequency(Hz) 50 60 50 60
Maximum total head(m) 40 58 40 58
Max. capacity
300 300 300 300
Maximum operating temperature(℃) 150 280
Minimum operating temperature(℃) -30
Liquid maximum specific gravity 2
Liquid maximum viscosity
Design pressure(MPaG) PUMP:1.0
[Suction x Discharge](mm)
25×20 to 50×40
Flange standard JIS 10K RF
Impeller type Close
Motor output 1.5 to 3.7kW
(Synchronized) rotation speed(rpm) 3000/3600
Pump material SCS13(SUS304)
Hastelloy C equivalent
Remarks Pump with a jacket
Selection table
Selection tableSelection table
Petrochemical industry Chemical plant Circulation system of hot and cold water General industries Various machines and equipment
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