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Product information

Stainless steel magnet drive pump

Even larger: Rich line up of productsLarge size standard centrifugal magnet drive pumpMLL [For low temperature liquid]

Even larger: Rich line up of products Large size standard centrifugal magnet drive pump MLL [For low temperature liquid]
Operating temperature range:-80℃ to -31℃

This is the largest model among the MAGPAC® series with the motor capacity of 15 kW. An excellent pump that is economical, safe and friendly to the environment and users.
The MPL, which is developed based on lots of experiences and expertise, drastically expands the performances of MAGPAC® series. The MHL handles high temperature (up to 280˚C) and the MLL handles low temperature (-80˚C). They are equipped with SiC bearing (SiC-D is optional) as standard to make them maintenance free with reduced total cost (lifecycle cost). Of course, they are designed to have long service life and highly reliable. As they are seal-less structure of no shaft sealing, they can be used for transferring hazardous and poisonous liquid.
All the three models (MPL, MHL, MLL) can transfer liquid below freezing.


Product specification
Frequency(Hz) 50 60 50 60 50 60
Maximum total head(m) 80 120 80 120 80 120
Max. capacity
1100 1300 1100 1300 1100 1300
Maximum operating temperature(℃) 150 280 150
Minimum operating temperature(℃) -30 -30 -80
Liquid maximum specific gravity 2
Liquid maximum viscosity
Design pressure(MPaG) 1.2(1.6 for 5225LF)
[Suction x Discharge](mm)
40×25 to 80×50
Flange standard JIS 10K RF
Impeller type Close
Motor output 3.7 to 15kW
(Synchronized) rotation speed(rpm) 3000/3600
Pump material SCS13(SUS304)
Hastelloy C equivalent, others
Selection table
Selection tableSelection table

* The performance curves of the MHL and MLL models are identical to that of the MPL model.

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