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Product information

Stainless steel magnet drive pump

Bestseller for equipment-use Small standard centrifugal pump

Bestseller for equipment-use Small standard centrifugal pump
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Operating temperature rang:-30℃ to +150℃

Type MMP of MAGPAC® series is compact, stainless steel, seal-less pumps employing a magnet drive. It excells in heat and pressure resistance. Completely leak-free, and Super-lubricating and super-low wear SiC-D bearings support the magnet drive securely thus result in maintenance free. An explosion-proof motor can be fixed, and also suitable for equipment use. The pumps can feed high temperature liquids (MMH) and low temperature liquids (MML) by cutting heat transfer to the motor. Select the pump model that matches your requirements. All the three models (MMP, MMH, MML) can transfer liquid below freezing.


Product specification
Frequency(Hz) 50 60 50 60 50 60
Maximum total head(m) 20 28 20 28 20 28
Max. capacity
75 90 75 90 75 90
Maximum operating temperature(℃) 150 280 150
Minimum operating temperature(℃) -30 -30 -80
Liquid maximum specific gravity 2
Liquid maximum viscosity
Design pressure(MPaG) 0.6 1.0 1.0
[Suction x Discharge](mm)
15×15 to 25×20
Connection size
[Suction x Discharge](inch)
1/2×1/2 to 1×3/4
Pipe connection R thread
NPT thread (Flange is option)
Impeller type Close
Motor output 90W to 550W
(Synchronized) rotation speed(rpm) 3000/3600
Pump material SCS13(SUS304),SCS14(SUS316)
Selection table
Selection tableSelection table

* The performance curves of the MMH and MML models are identical to that of the MMP model. (However, the MMP10 is only available on MMP models.)

Application Liquid specification Functions/Evaluation Pump used
・Washing device Exfoliation liquid 
Heat, permeation-resistant MMP
Hydrocarbon system 
Vacuum, Cavitation MMP
Alcoholic system
Heat-resistant, Cavitation MMP
・Radiated light
・Cooling system
Alternative CFCs 
durability, reliability MMP
・Nuclear power
30 to 40℃・15m×30L/min No leak, Reliability MMP
・Pure water processing

20 to 30℃・15m×20L/min

No leak, low dust generation MMP
・Hot water
130℃・16m×30L/min Heat resistant, Pressure resistant, Cavitation MMP
・Absorption type freezer Lithium bromide
Vacuum, Pressure resistant MMP
・Chiller Fluorinert 
No leak, Low noise, High heat efficiency MMP
・Temperature controller
Heat media 
Explosion-proof, Heat resistant MMH
・Filtering system Various medicines 
Durability, wear-resistant MMP
・Solvent collector Organic solvent 
Explosion-proof, no leak MMP
・Metal mold temperature controller Heat medium, Pressurized hot water No leak High reliability MMP
・Various Fine chemical Various chemicals No leak, High reliability MMP
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