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4 functions integrated within 1 pump, chopping/mixing/dispersion/pumpingScatter Pump

4 functions integrated within 1 pump, chopping/mixing/dispersion/pumping Scatter Pump

There is a number of conventional high-performance equipment with mono-function of mixing or chopping. However, on the production line that requires a variety of processing steps, when it comes to installing the equipment with the respective application, the burden of maintenance, initial and running cost become large, yet it is difficult to fix the performance balance of each device. Sanwa, type SD-K is completed as a multi-purpose distributed pump. It is aggregated with 4 different functions, chopping, mixing, dispersion and pumping.

Chop the solid in the fluid into pieces. Eliminate the clogging of the fluid feed line.
Concerning stirring and mixing capability of the cutter, "Scatter Pump" is way ahead of conventional blender and agitator.
It is most suitable for the circulation pump of the reaction tank. The prominent stirring and mixing capability is to shorten the reaction time and greatly increase production volume.
It is very useful as a slurry pump of high head.
Excellent chopping capability, highly efficient as a pump also.


Q1: What are the 4 functions of "Scatter Pump"? Concerning plant design, what kind of improvement proposal can we make with "Scatter Pump"?


(1)Solid chopping
(2)Clogging prevention.Prevent clogging which is likely to occur inside a pump or the peripheral.
(3)Stirring and mixing. As a result, accelerate the reaction of the liquid.
(4)Superior pumping capability.

In addition to the four major functions above, we have adopted the asteroid-shaped impeller, which has been utilized in the "Gala Pump" as well. Therefore it's possible to handle dry run with it. We recommend you to consider reviewing your process line utilizing the functions of our scatter pump as a labor-saver.

In such cases below:
If you are using stirrer, disintegrator and pump at the same time. Then you can replace the 3 with only 1 single "Scatter Pump"!
If you are using strainer to eliminate slurry in order to prevent the clogging inside a pump or a heat exchanger, etc. With a "Scatter Pump", no strainer would be necessary! The maintenance job can be simplified too!
Do you have to clean up your tank or heat exchanger on a regular basis due to the worry that the adhering solid on it would cause poor efficiency? There are even cases where cleaning job is not required because of the stirring, mixing and chopping capacity of "Scatter Pump" as a circulation pump!
Are you taking time to let the solid dissolve in a reactor before pumping it?Stirrer would be unnecessary if you use "Scatter Pump" as a circulation pump. Dissolution reaction time could be reduced too! Also "Scatter Pump" can be used to pump the liquid completely as a tank bottom outlet pump.
Polymerized polymer becomes larger than necessary that needs to be collected and disposed of by using the strainer. With a "Scatter Pump" the polymerized polymer can be easily chopped to the size that you need! Thus the recovery efficiency of the product and production will improve!
Q2: Application examples and the reason why the customers chose "Scatter Pump".


  1. Blockage prevention of spray nozzle of adipic acid slurry.
  2. Promote dissolution reaction of adipic acid slurry.
  3. Blockage prevention in the combustion nozzle of waste sludge.
  4. Dispersion of glass fiber.
  5. Time shortening of reaction and mixing in the dye plant.
  6. Delete cleaning process and improve thermal efficiency of the TPA reactor.
  7. When the solid which used to adhere to the inside wall of a tank falls off, the downstream devices will be clogged. However, after adopting "Scatter Pump" as a circulation pump, which can also be used to empty a tank completely, no adhesion had occurred ever after.
  8. In resin plants, "Scatter Pump" is used to pulverize PVC latex, PPS or ABS latex to necessary particle size so as to promote dissolution reaction.
  9. Chop PET bottles to the required particle size.
Q3: Is there any special application of "Scatter Pump"?


Yes. There is a track record of installing "Scatter Pump" directly to a tank bottom outlet.
→ For the solid content is about φ200 in size and is irregular in shape, it was jammed in the piping before getting close to the pump. Therefore we attached the suction flange of a vertical positioned "Scatter Pump" to the bottom of the tank directly, and the problem was dissolved. Besides, the suction pipe which was necessary is no longer needed. (Liquid: Food additive slurry)

Q4: What are the benefits of using a "Scatter Pump"?


(1) Labor-saving ・When a stirrer, a disintegrator and a pump are operating on the same process line in series, those 3 can be replaced by a single "Scatter Pump".
・It avoids adhesion in a heat exchanger or a tank. Therefore it is possible to maintain high thermal efficiency.
・Strainer for filtering solids is unnecessary. (Release operators from frequent replacement and cleaning job.)
(2)Workability Improvement Eliminate washing process. (Reduction of the cleaning liquid) Disassembly and inspection of existing equipment caused by clogging is not required. (Reduction of maintenance time)
(3)Productivity Improvement It's possible to shorten the mixing and reaction time.Eliminate bulky polymer, improve product recovery efficiency.No clogging, continuous operation.
Q5: What kind of slurry has "Scatter Pump" ever been used to transport?

[Chemical Industry]:
PE resin, latex, PPC, PVC, polyamide, adipic acid, succinic acid, fumaric acid, phthalic acid, CaCl2, NaCl, dye, iron oxide, glass fiber, resin PET bottle, etc.

[Food Industry and Other]:
Soybean, bone, detergent, industrial waste, etc.

Main Specification of "Scatter Pump"

Product specification
Pump Type SD-K
Frequency (Hz) 60 50
Total Head (m) 70 45
Maximum Capacity (L /min) 2000 1700
Maximum Temperature (℃) 150
Minimum Temperature (℃) -20
Maximum S.G. 2
Maximum Viscosity (mPa・s, cP) 500
Design Pressure (MPaG) 1.6
Bore [Suction x Discharge] (mm) 80x40 to 200x150
Piping Connection (Flange Type) JIS 10K RF
Impeller Type full-open (asteroid-shaped)
Motor Output to 75kW
RPM 1500, 1800, 3000, 3600
Material 304SS
Has-C equivalent, etc.
Merits of "Scatter Pump"
4 functions of "Scatter Pump" assure you of high benefits.

1. Labor-saving

Directly link to the rationalization of the process line.
Strainer, cutter, stirrer or blender becomes unnecessary. Relieve users from extra time and labor which are required in conventional process line. The human and mechanical capabilities that have been detained so far can be utilized in other parts of the process.

2. Working Environment Improvement

Good working environment will further improve productivity.
Disposal work of coarse solids in the process fluid had been a problem at all times. By the excellent chopping, stirring and mixing capability of "Scatter Pump", the miniaturized jam in the tank or pump equipment can be easily cleared.
Working Environment Improvemen

3. Easy Maintenance

Easy operation and easy maintenance contributes to productivity improvement.
Along with the ease of operation and equipment management, easy maintenance lessens the conventional maintenance workload. The productivity will be increased by continuous operation.

4. Additional Benefits

Save auxiliary materials (washings and solution).Thanks to its dispersion and mixing capability, it has a promotion effect on chemical reaction, and helps to improve the quality and shorten the production time.
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